JCPSLP Vol 18 No. 1Mar 2016

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“Read predictable texts, practising phrasing and fluency, and monitor meaning using concepts about print and emerging contextual, semantic grammatical and phonic knowledge” ACARA - Aust. Curriculum (Foundation Yr: Interpreting, analysing, evaluating/Reading processes)

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First Reading Words For the early childhood years •2 A3 game boards •Instruction card •78 single word reading cards •42 sentence reading cards • This resource presents a progressive approach to decoding (or “sounding-out) some of the earliest reading words. •Words are introduced in 4 steps: STEP 1 Words comprised of 6 alphabet sounds: s, a, t, p, i, n (cards with yellow borders) STEP 2 Words comprised of 12 alphabet sounds: Step 1 plus m, r, h, e, d, c (cards with blue borders) STEP 3 Words comprised of 18 alphabet sounds: Step 1 and 2 plus f, l, g, o, u, b (cards with green borders)

Single Word Reading Tasks The child is to sound-out (i.e. decode) the word. When the word is verbalised (i.e. read) the picture is then revealed.

Sentence Reading Tasks The child is to sound-out (i.e. decode) the words. When the sentence is verbalised (i.e. read) the picture is then revealed.

STEP 4 Words comprised of the entire alphabet

(cards with red borders)


ISBN: 978-1-921560-85-9

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Wikki Stix A supplementary resource suitable to use with certain PLD resources Wikki Stix are made of yarn and food-grade non toxic wax. They have been manufactured in the USA for over twenty years. Slightly tacky, they stick to virtually all smooth surfaces and can also be assembled into 3D models. Great for arts & crafts, quiet play, play dates, travel. Stimulate imagination. No right or wrong way to play. Contain no latex, gluten or nut.

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