JCPSLP Vol 18 No. 1Mar 2016

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STEP 1: Blending Skill 1 - Onset and rime blending

Task 1 10 pages of cards to blend. Blending Onset and Rime Cards. Cut cards in 2. (Turn the cards over.)

“Can you guess the picture”: “d” (1 second pause) “og” ?

FOUNDATION 18 Movement & Motor Pre-Literacy Oral Language Prices exclude GST

3 game boards and 6 pages of mini cards.

Task 2

“Can you guess this picture? It’s a ‘b’ (1 second pause) ‘us’ .” Adult repeats several times if the student is unable to blend the sounds.

Preparing for Reading A Phonemic Awareness program targeting CVC blending • Multiple activities for: - Blending Skill 1: Onset and rime blending. - Blending Skill 2: Three sound blending to form simple CVC words. • Instructional pages, 125+ colour cards and 3 game boards. • Designed by a speech pathologist this program develops the skill of blending (a pre-requisite skill for learning to read.) • Ideal for children who have had multiple ear infections or who present with speech and language delays • Schedule 3 x 3 minute sessions per day. $85 Website Order Code: CCpfr ISBN: 978-1-921560-50-7

STEP 2: 3 Sound blending to form simple CVC words

Task 3 10 pages of cards. Cut cards in 3. (Turn the cards over.) Can you guess the picture”: “ b ” (1 sec. pause) “ e ” (1 sec. pause) “ d ”?

Task 4

11 pages of cards.

Picture cards. “Guess this picture. It’s a ‘c’ (1 sec. pause) ‘a’ (1 sec. pause) ‘t’ .”

Demonstration video preparing-for-reading/

“Recognise rhymes, syllables and sounds (phonemes) in spoken words” ACARA - Aust. Curriculum (Foundation Year: Sound and letter knowledge/Phonemic awareness)

Exercise 5: CVC Blending (A precursor to decoding or reading ability.) Recommended Screening Subtest

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ISBN: 978-1-925057-08-9

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