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Sample Year 3 Words

Phonic Concept: igh Sounding Out Strategy: phonemic spelling (or individual sound spelling) e.g. s-l-i-igh-t and syllabic spelling (e.g. mid-night) sigh high right might sight tight slight sighed light fright flight bright delight alight fight tonight frighten midnight knight eye-sight twilight delightful lightning thigh mighty Spelling Rule: Only used at the end of a word or before ‘t’. Phonic Concept: -tion Sounding Out Strategy: syllabic spelling e.g. in-fec-tion infection attention inspection protection invention congestion function mention lotion reaction destruction pollution fiction devotion reception fraction subtraction attraction description competition Spelling Rule: ti is used to say sh (tion) following a long a, e, o, u after c, p or au. Phonic Concept: -ious Sounding Out Strategy: syllabic spelling e.g. an-xious anxious tedious serious ambitious obvious victorious glorious luxurious various curious cautious previous furious mysterious hilarious devious nutritious notorious oblivious infectious Phonic Concept: ise Sounding Out Strategy: syllabic spelling e.g. dis-guise disguise revitalise socialise memorise centralise immunise hospitalise fantasise terrorise formalise vandalise itemise pressurise popularise improvise chastise apprise precise jeopardise hospitalise visualise scrutinise categorise terrorise subsidise “Understand how to use phonic knowledge to read and write less familiar words that share common letter patterns but have different pronunciations” “Understand how to use knowledge of known words, base words, prefixes and suffixes, word origins, letter patterns and spelling generalisations to spell new words” ACARA - Aust. Curriculum (Year 5: Phonics and word knowledge).

YEAR 3 to 6

1000’s of spelling words for Foundation to Year 6

Sample Year 4 Words

Sample Year 5 Words

Phonic and Sight Word Sequence • 126 pages • How to instruct spelling

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Sample Year 6 Words

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Sample of a student’s spelling task.

Sample of a student’s spelling task. Sample of a student’s spelling task.

Spelling Activities for Middle & Upper Primary •A spelling activity resource (incorporating synthetic phonics and linguistic theory) with three levels catering for the range in ability (i.e. delayed, average and advanced students). •A key resource when establishing a spelling program. •Assessment points are located at the base of each sheet (for students, a peer or teachers to rate task performance.) $75 Website Order Code: SAmup ISBN: 978-1-925057-05-8

Sample of a student’s spelling task.

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Sample of a student’s spelling task.

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