JCPSLP Vol 18 No. 1Mar 2016

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Ideal for home programs: send home a picture book with the card of scripted questions and answers.

“Use comprehension strategies to understand and discuss texts listened to, viewed or read independently” ACARA - Aust. Curriculum (Foundation Year: Interpreting, analysing, evaluating/Comprehension).

Parent education demonstration videos 5-year-old-comprehension- questions/ more-comprehension-questions- for-5-year-olds/

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The Comprehensive Questions Range Provides Full Year Programs The programs have been designed by Speech Pathologists for use in schools, day care and in the home. Each, full year, program presents the following: • A comprehension question pre-test and post-test which can be administered in under 5 minutes. • A list of recommended picture books specific to each target/age range. • A set of comprehension question cards designed to accompany each recommended picture book. Each question card outlines a sample of typical answers so that teachers and parents are clear on what constitutes age appropriate responses. • An instruction booklet that outlines how the comprehension question card sets can be presented to a whole class, small group or individual home setting. No. of Questions Complexity of Questions No. Question & Response Cards Mc5 (5 Yr Old Program) Up to 15 questions Mainly level 3 & 4 questions 37 cards Mc5a (5 Yr Old Program) Up to 15 questions Mainly level 3 & 4 questions 12 cards

No more than 5 minutes to administer

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Speech Development Screen A simple articulation screen for teachers and parents Screening for 3 to 8 yr olds This resource is designed to provide teachers and parents with a simple method of assessing children’s articulation abilities. $75 Website Order Code: Ssd ISBN: 978-1-921560-69-9

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