JCPSLP Vol 18 No. 1Mar 2016

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Example activity worksheet tasks:

1) Visual closure tasks 2) Visual perceptual tasks 3) Colouring and cutting tasks 4) Pre-Writing tasks with assessment points at the


bottom of worksheets



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Preparing children for Handwriting - Step 2 Following on from Step 1, this guide (over 200 pages) continues to prepare children for the demands of handwriting. Practical and easy to use, the guide incorporates activities that target: •Pencil grasp, paper position, posture and the rehearsal of pre-writing formation patterns. •Oculomotor and visual perceptual tasks such as tracking, visual memory and visual discrimination.


Pre-Writing worksheet tasks assessment points

Example pages with support information and activities: 5) Finger strength and co-ordination 6) Checklist for letter formation readiness


ISBN: 978-1-921560-01-9

“Developing a fluent, legible handwriting style, beginning with unjoined letters and moving to joined handwriting” ACARA - Aust. Curriculum (Creating texts/Handwriting) The Developing Handwriting range relates to the Foundation Year and Year 1 statements.

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Stage 4: Children learn to cut corners and curves. DN example: 4 - 5 yrs - Child is able to cut out a range of circles (and with diameters measuring as small as 12cm). Their cut line should not be wider than 1cm. Stage 4 activities include cut- ting: Along Curves To A Target/ Squares/Triangles/Circles/ Around Simple Picture Shapes/ Corners/Colouring And Cutting Out Simple Puzzles/Along Tight Curves To A Target/Colouring And Cutting Out Masks and Animal Shapes.

For right hander

For left hander

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Sheets indicate thumb placement positions and are designed for right and left handers

Developing Cutting Skills - Stage 4 • Developmental milestone norms. • Simple and easy to use instructions for teachers, assistants and parents.

Cutting out masks Worksheet 11 task instructions – Adult says: 1) ‘First, colour in the mask and then cut it out.’ 2) ‘Hold the paper with your thumb up.’ 3) ‘Pick up the scissors with your thumb up.’ 4) ‘Starting at the scissors symbol,

• The quick and simple activities provide multiple opportunities to rehearse this vital skill. • Worksheets to accommodate both left and right handed children. $55 Website Order Code: Mcs4 ISBN: 978-1-925057-11-9

cut along the outside of the mask. Remember to turn the paper as you cut.’

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