JCPSLP Vol 18 No. 1Mar 2016

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Pre-Writing Patterns Preparing children for letter formation • This resource (over 250 pages) targets the six basic patterns that form the basis of all alphabet letters. • Rehearse pre-writing patterns with oral cues, big body movements, art and craft activities and blackline master sheets. $75 Website Order Code: Mpw


Demonstration video product/ pre-writing-patterns/

Tall lines and short lines

ISBN: 978-1-921560-70-5

Pre-Literacy Movement & Motor Oral Language Prices exclude GST

Sideways, sideways, left to right

Zig zags

Circles, drawn forwards and backwards

Up and overs

Down and unders/ Down, back and unders

Pre-Writing Patterns Workbook This simple activity book presents a systematic and fun approach for teaching the foundation skills that are essential for children to learn the pre-writing patterns used to make pictures and then combined to make letters and numbers. $6.32 Website Order Code:

Verbal Cues

Sideways, sideways, left to right

Zig zags


ISBN: 978-1-922116-62-8

Demonstration video www.pld-literacy. org/product/ pre-writing- patterns-workbook/

Assessment Points

Pre-Writing Patterns Posters Double-sided, 12 x A3 laminated posters are ‘write-on’, ‘wipe-off’ charts for whiteboard markers. Use on an easel or table. $27.23 Website Order Code: Ppw

Tall lines and short lines

ISBN: 932-1-86200-557-8

Demonstration video product/pre-writing- patterns-write-on- posters/

Sideways, sideways, left to right.

Down and under

Up and over

Zig zags


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