JCPSLP Vol 18 No. 1Mar 2016

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Who is PLD? PLD is dedicated to Promoting Literacy Development through our programs which deliver outcomes across 3 core areas; Oral Language, Movement & Motor and Literacy. Derived from the disciplines of speech pathology, occupational therapy and education, this holistic approach helps teachers develop more balanced students likely to reach their full academic potential. Literacy

Literacy is composed of many areas (e.g. spelling, decoding skills, phonics, phonemic awareness, and sight word knowledge). However, the hallmark of literacy proficiency is the ability to read and comprehend the material read plus the written expression ability. These literacy areas are influenced by the Oral Language & Movement and Motor Skills. Movement & Motor

The way a child organises and uses their body has a significant impact on their learning. Students need to process instructions and form a motor response. The more fluid these body movements are, the more efficiently students will keep up with the pace of a classroom. Oral Language In its simplest form, oral language refers to the act of speaking and listening. Students need to be able to process information heard and explain the information in order to be successful within the curriculum.

Phonological Awareness Alphabet Decoding (Reading)

Literacy Movement & Motor Oral Language

Spelling Phonics Sight Words

Fine & Gross Motor Cutting Skills Pre-Writing Patterns Letter Formation Handwriting

Speaking and Listening Comprehension Semantics News Telling, Narratives & Picture Book Retells

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